The official statement on Dazzling Mirage by Tk

I am happy to share the information that I have started work on our next film, Dazzling Mirage. It is the story of a talented, beautiful young sickle-cell sufferer overcomes social stigma, prejudice and her own low self-esteem, to achieve career success, marriage and motherhood.

  • Aaya beele, O be are. Lets’ goo there.

  • How do we become a part of this new project from the U.S.

    • mainframemovies

      You will be able to register your interest soon through this section of the website.

  • Femi Gbadebo

    Good for you my brother. This certainly is a welcome development in the Nigerian Movie Industry.

    • mainframemovies

      Thank you!

  • mohammed abisola

    Pls sir I want to be a part of this film,I don’t know if I can get an opportunity to act.I am a young talented girl and really motivated by the theme of this film.