Jahman @ 50. Congratulations from Mainframe Family

Mainframe Productions and TK pay glowing tribute to Jahman Anikulapo who turns 50 today. My first impression is that Jahman coined his last name because Fela adopted it for dramatic effect! I was to learn later that Jahman is my countryman from Abeokuta city and that the authentic Anikulapo family are from Ikatedo, Gbagura Quarters, Abeokuta. This cultural and literary icon is difficult to place, a consistent, conscientious, artiste, writer, journalist, who gave our work the necessary intellectual bent. He remains for ever a committed culture and art advocate, sometimes armed with microphone at events, a volunteer MC and I am sure never gets paid! Jahman Anikulapo, you are certainly a shiny example and role model to your generation. Happy birthday my younger brother.

  • He is a wonderful man, a role model, a wonderful being and selfless. Wish him the best of life. Igba odun, odun kan ni.