OLEKU 2 – The Cast


In our OLEKU2 movie recently uploaded on YouTube, none of us involved can claim credit for the superb casting especially the ladies – the triangle of ASAKE, LOLA and SADE who got entangled in the circular relationship with AJANI, the final year student in a university seriously looking for a life partner. Finally between Prof Akinwumi Isola, the late Dr Larinde Akinleye and my good self, we settled for Feyikemi Abodunrin to play Asake, Pauline Dike played Lola while Lola Amusa played Sade, the eventual winner and Ajani’s bride. We all had our favourites but who is YOUR favourite after watching the movie? It will be interesting to read your comments.

  • I was overwhelmed by the role played by Asake, very natural and typical of a Yoruba woman brought up in the traditional way. I gave her 100%. She acted naturally like Arapa regangan. Good that TK is discovering good talents for the movie industry. Sade will also go places. Young, talented and well composed. I wept for her becoming a widow in the film. She is too pretty to have ended like that.