Movies – Saworoide

LAPITE, the King-elect of JOGBO has decided to enrich himself on ascending the throne. He eliminates all opposition by sending hired killers or by harassing them into exile.

His rival ADEBOMI is killed and AYANGALU, the official drummer has escaped into exile. He takes a new wife and embarks on a massive exploitation of the enormous resources of forest trees.

Protests by the townspeople and the farmers are ruthlessly suppressed. In desperation, the youths march on the palace and seize the royal crown which by tradition must not leave the palace.

LAPITE in desperation seeks military help by engaging the mercenary LAGATA a retired military officer who however kills him and takes over his kingdom. Lagata who is now determined to become a proper king imposes an oppressive administration on the people. The mercenary usurper falls dead during the installation process in public view. The people have learnt a bitter lesson.