The Hubert Ogunde’s Estate, Ososa, Ogun State comes to life as filmmaker Kunle Ogunde returns home

10155672_10152431017805041_5825403455716307236_n 10350441_10152432048060041_1191853084660807021_n 10346104_10152431017680041_3521166372135050562_n 10366034_10152432018270041_5581254772391325272_n 10269451_10152432018365041_6826312555562182914_n 10377246_10152432018475041_248660910606548593_n 10418362_10152431017560041_6493358948916011802_n from his London base to shoot ‘The Snare’. It’s home-coming for most of us, cast, crew and actors!

David Kunle Ogunde, flanked by Evangelists Ebenezer Obey and Idowu Animashaun and members of Ogunde family at a press conference this afternoon at Ososa, Ogun State. The London-based producer/director explained his vision and long journey to actualise ‘The Snare’, his pet film project of fifteen years!
Evangelist Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey this evening at Osoosa takes the bandstand on the set of ‘The Snare’ by Kunle Ogunde.