THENETNG: What’s your favourite Tunde Kelani Movie?

The Oxford English Dictionary asserts ‘CLASSIC’ as a piece of Art judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind and we are glad Nigeria remember our movies as so.

But how are we so sure? Nigerian Entertainment Today, one of the leading Nigerian entertainment tabloids recently, on Thursday, January 18, 2018, asked its followers on Instagram ‘thenetng‘ which of our movies they love and we are glad Nigeria remembers with a passion.

We are glad to have been able to entertain you through the years and we promise to continue to do so. Our latest movies, Sidi Ilujinle, an adaptation of Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel is coming to cinemas around you soon.

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OLEKU: A Timeless Love Story.

Well, it’s Thursday and it’s throwback. There are lots of things, events and memories to flashback to in Nigeria most especially laarin awa Yoruba.

Okay, so it’s about the Epic Yoruba Movie Oleku today. A lot of us know, heard about and saw the movie ‘Oleku’ but some can’t remember what the story/movie was about. I intend to share a few details about the movie.

Oleku was adapted from Prof. Akinwumi Ishola’s novel, which was written in 1974 and this is why the movie was set in the 1970’s, as such every element reflects just that. Hence, the old vehicles, buildings, costumes, hair-do and props.

This classic movie was produced by Tunde Kelani popularly known as T.K and was released by Mainframe Film and Productions in 1997. The movie birthed the revolution of knee length Iro and buba called Oleku in Yoruba land and Nigeria.

Oleku is a love quadrangle of ASAKE, LOLA and SADE who got entangled in the circular relationship with AJANI, a final year university student seriously looking for a life partner due to pressures from his Mother. (We all can relate to this, Mothers want you married as soon as you are considered ready).

ASAKE is Ajani’s old time love and girlfriend; LOLA, a first year a student he just met; and SADE, a childhood acquaintance who gradually became the centre stage in the love drama.

Major casts are Yemi Shodimu, Pauline Dike, Omolola Amusa, Feyikemi Abodunrin and Chief Lere Paimo. Oleku also had guest appearances like Chief Yemi Elebuibon (Araba) and Sir Shina Peters (SSP).

Oleku is one timeless classic movie you won’t get bored or tired of seeing. SSP’s performance was awesome and the movie location was the University of Ibadan. Oleku is that movie you should see again, maybe this weekend.


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By Fatimah Bamidele Oyelami | November 9, 2017

Source: https://medium.com/@MsTyma_/oleku-a-timeless-love-story-84dd1f7768ab