Tunde Kelani TV Takes Over The Cyberspace – nollywood movies

The online tv channel, www.tundekelani.tv has made remarkable progress since it began full operation on 7th August, 2015. Tagged ‘the home of premium indigenous entertaining content and cultural themes from Africa and the diaspora’, the platform is optimized for web and mobile devices.

The channel hosts various entertaining videos such as full movies, series, musicals, trailers and features. Among the popular contents on the channel is the 14 Episode YEEPA filmed play, which has attracted a lot of positive feedbacks and comments. Also on the www.tundekelani.tv is OLEKU 1 and 2, SAWOROIDE and MAAMI movies. The first guest on the series, O BA NI, KO BAJE, is Professsor Wole Soyinka who, in the rare interview, speaks his native Yoruba language. In the FLASHBACK series- videos that take us on a journey down the memory lane- the veteran filmmaker, Moses Olaiya, AKA Baba Sala and Daddy Showkey feature.

ORIKI, Femi Odugbemi’s documentary and OMOSALEWA, a musical by Yinka Akanbi are also part of the contents on the platform. Also on the channel are the NARROW PATH and TI OLUWA N’ILE series. Coming soon is LANKE OMU -THE PALMWINE DRINKARD series. Watch the teaser here.

www.tundekelani.tv has viewers from all over the world; notable countries with a high viewership on the channel include: Nigeria, USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Kenya, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Australia, Finland, Romania, South Africa, Isreal, Germany, Rwanda, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Taiwan, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Ghana, Egypt, US Virgin Islands, Ecuador, Vietnam, Angola, Benin, etc.

Whenever you need something classy, classic, indigenous and exceptional, whenever you need a breath of fresh air, just go to www.tundekelani.tv

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By Abisola Ojo