Movies – Abeni II

ABENI tricks her parents to escape a forced arranged marriage to Ogagu, Chief Atiba’s son and elopes with her lover Akanni to his native Cotonou, Benin Republic. Chief Atiba believed that the marriage between the children of the business moguls will strengthen their business empires.

Ogagu leaves the wealthy home of his father in Nigeria for Cotonou, where he teams up with his friend, Laku to live a life on the fast lane. Chief Bello determined to track down the runaway lovers and bring them to punishment also heads for Cotonou.

However, fate brings Ogagu and Abeni together and in a rather strange way. Ogagu’s fast life leads him to a confrontation with the Beninoise law and he is arrested and detained. It takes the timely intervention of Akanni and Abeni to safe him from the arms of law.

Chief Bello with the help of a musician friend locates the lovers’ home only to discover that he is already a grandfather. Abeni now legally married to Akanni has just delivered a son. Chief Bello’s wife  on the pretext of traveling to Dubai for business has joined the young family and a helpless Chief Bello has no choice but accept the prevailing situation. The arrival of a new baby in traditional Africa has a way of settling family quarrels.