Yoruba E Ronu an Adaptation of Hubert Ogunde’s Yoruba Ronu

This year is definitely going to be a wonderful year for us all.As for us in Mainframe, our slogan for the year is either Swim or Sink but we have made our choice : to swim. To start the year, i have uploaded this beautiful adaptation of Hubert Ogunde’s Yoruba Ronu. It calls for sober reflections. Now,enjoy Yoruba E Ronu.

  • This is a great cultural document presented by ACE Cinematographer, Tunde Kelani. The works of Hubert Ogunde have surely been immortalised. Well done sir.

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  • Samuel

    The tonal quality of the Yoruba language really makes it a language of music. The many proverbs interwoven into this musical does help make it very engaging and thought provoking. I also enjoyed the rhythm of the music.

    As for the choreography, I do not particularly feel it was very good. For a scenario playing out in one location, I expected that the dances will be more complex and intriguing, and maybe the camera shots more dynamic. Also, the fife-like sound that played didn’t blend well with the drums, in my opinion. The contrast in sounds and feel was too much.

    All the same, I enjoyed this. Thumbs up!


    The Green Heritage 3D: 87 Marvels from Nigeria: http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=plcp&v=UMzNjVE6aKU