TK Adds ‘Missing Scenes’ to Ma’ami

Ma’ami, the multi-award-winning film from Mainframe Productions is undergoing an interesting procedure.

The acclaimed filmmaker, Tunde Kelani, popularly known as TK is back on location to shoot more scenes to the breathtaking film.

Referring to the additional scenes as ‘the missing scenes’, TK said he had them in the original script but didn’t shoot them.

On why he has to add those extra scenes, the ace filmmaker likened himself to a painter who keeps adding strokes and brushes to his paintings until it is perfected.

It could be recalled that Ma’ami clinched three awards at the 2012 Zuma Films Festival where Tunde Kelani won in the category of the Best Director, Funke Akindele emerged as the Best Actress, and Ma’ami itself was the Best Nigerian Film.

Watch out for the refined, Ma’ami.

By Abisola Ojo